Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Soon Chrome for android will save up to 70% of the data for oppening webpage when the connection is slow


Google has announced forthcoming changes to Chrome that should help folks on limited internet connections save data. The change will allow you to disable automatic image loading, a very sensible approach as images often take up the majority of loading time on web pages.

The implementation is very clean in that it allows you to easily load a specific image on a page by tapping its placeholder, which is good for those articles or pages where seeing the image is imperative. Otherwise, these changes are said to bring a 70% improvement in data consumption, which is no small amount for a mobile device.

Google is aiming this feature at emerging markets, so it’ll only be available in India and Indonesia in its trial phase. There are plans to bring it to more regions, though, so sit tight and we should all have this sweet option available to us in due time.

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